Deal Flow Manager Responsibilities

The job position of a deal flow manager is one of the leading in demand in the labor market. What responsibilities will you have to perform? How to organize a deal flow? What personal qualities and skills will be useful for success in work? The answers to these questions are in our material below.

What should a deal flow manager do?

The main responsibility of a deal manager, as the name of the profession implies, is sales, active work in the sale of goods or services. Since the business is interested in expanding the sales market, salespeople are aimed at supporting existing customers and finding new ones.

Although the job responsibilities of a deal manager vary depending on the characteristics of the business, the analysis of vacancies allows us to highlight several common key points:

  • Communication with customers. Calls, meetings, offers, negotiations, signing contracts, agreeing on the volume of deliveries, responsibility for their implementation, control of receipt of payment, returns of unsold goods – all this is performed by a sales employee;
  • Market monitoring. Those who do not follow the trends of their industry will quickly fall behind the competition.
  • Preparation of commercial offers and presentations. You need to be able to present your product in such a way that a buyer can be found for it;
  • Reporting and documentation. Every transaction must be completed. Therefore, contracts, specifications, invoices, and often tax bills will become integral elements of the employment of a deal specialist.
  • Without understanding corporate goals and making joint efforts to achieve them, few people manage to achieve success.

What is deal flow?

The deal flow technology was developed in order to organize fast, high-quality, and large-scale work on the selection, evaluation, and preparation of early-stage innovative projects to the level of investment attractiveness for their subsequent presentation to investors and attracting investments. It is aimed at preparation of the project before presentation to business angels and venture capitalists within the presentation sessions with the preparation of a business proposal (short business plan). Besides, this process provides risk reduction for investors due to qualified selection and preparation of projects.

Deal Flow technology includes two main elements:

  1. Methodology for working with projects, which is used by managers of the project preparation group to the investment level.

This is a structured sequence of regulated actions (steps) of a specialist manager for the selection, evaluation, and preparation of projects, including a system of information processing techniques at each step. To standardize work:

  • forms of incoming and outgoing documents have been developed at each stage (step);
  • stages and duration of information processing (work schedule);
  • decision criteria and decision-making body;
  • division of responsibility of specialists into categories.
  1. An instrumental software complex is an Internet service (SaaS) that allows you to register, process projects in accordance with the methodology, prepare projects for presentation sessions, publish them on a website in a form convenient for an investor, etc.

In this case, a virtual data room is the best option. The software used to organize work with incoming projects is based on a server with Internet access and provides information and methodological support for information processing. It includes databases on projects, workstations of a manager, administrator, an external expert in project evaluation – a member of the expert council, applicants – initiators of innovative projects. Data room enables a secure data repository and collaborative tools for efficient file-sharing and document management. As part of this service, users are offered a visual sales funnel, using which they can study how they work with counterparties at all stages of the relationship.