DocSend Chrome Extension Setting Up Guide

DocSend is a set of technologies for working with customers, systematization of internal processes, and automation of business of any scale. It is a win-win solution for business management and sales. Here is more about the DocSend Chrome extension and its functionality.

DocSend data room: how does it work?

You can easily view files on any device as DocSend is browser compatible and you don’t need to sign in or install the software. The software allows you to share large files and folders, however, you have to think about the availability of sufficient free space in the cloud storage. However, in the free plan, immediately after registration, you can easily download 2 GB and create a download link.

DocSend data room provides the following advantages for deal management:

  • less time is spent on routine tasks – entering documents, processing them, coordinating and other actions are faster than with paper office work, and personal numbers are assigned automatically;
  • the transparency of the workflow is ensured since the actions for each document can be tracked;
  • thanks to a clear set of tasks and control over their implementation, labor discipline is increased;
  • reliable, long-term, and structured storage of files in an electronic archive – losses are no longer terrible, and the search will take seconds;
  • data confidentiality – the transfer of information to the data room is protected by encryption, and employees’ access to files is limited;
  • remote work using web versions of systems and mobile applications;
  • reporting tools;
  • scaleable to handle large numbers of concurrent users;
  • reduce errors by auto-filling forms.

What about the DocSend fundraising network?

DocSend can function as a Chrome extension, enabling you with full access to features without the need to manually open a browser tab. You can exchange secure and large files from your email, with all the same tracking features available as to when you send directly through DocSend. Moreover, if your company runs on a Microsoft platform, the software offers the same integrations with Outlook as it does with Gmail.

It also should be noted that DocuSend data room provides service for founders – DocSend fundraising network. The software provides a secure collaborative environment for founders and VCs removing some of the common biases in the fundraising process. It is a ready-made product, the introduction of which into business processes takes a minimum of time. Despite a single set of options for users, they allow you to set up a full-fledged workflow.

The mobility of the DocSend for all participants in the process, as well as the availability of the System 24/7, changes the traditional approach to processing documents. The overall speed of interaction between team members increases, the efficiency of making the most important decisions increases, respectively, the need for businesses to create comprehensive and detailed documents for the number of tasks is significantly reduced or even eliminated. Informal chat on the project between responsible managers, two or three questions – and the problem is solved. This simplification of working interaction is a blow to the overall corporate bureaucracy: you do not need to exchange documents to move forward in solving the current problem.

The main principles and effects of the data room include the ability of the system to meet information needs at specific workplaces, in the required amount and at the right time, transparency and controllability of processes, the ability to quickly and flexibly respond to changes, which, in turn, is one of the prerequisites of the ideology DocSend.